5FAVs with Shoxy

For nearly 20 years of his DJ career, which he will be rounding next year, Shoxy has earned the reputation as one of the best Serbian DJs.

In the last couple of years he was playing at almost all of the festivals in his own country Serbia and abroad. Sonus Festival, Exit, Sonar Festival Barcelona, Love Fest (in front of 15.000 people).. Including various Ibiza events where he spent his summertime are just small part of his current tour, sharing decks with some of the biggest DJs on the planet. Shoxy become very respected in DJ and professional circles for his fierce production and audio engineering. Not only that but he is also moving borders any time he plays as DJ. His personal satisfaction derives from the fact that as soon as he plays at some event, he becomes a regular DJ there. Whether in Germany, Spain or other places around the globe.

In short, Shoxy never disappoints behind the decks spinning vinyl. With releases on Loco Dice label Desolat, Jesus Loved You by Valentino Kanzyani or NG Trax by Nima Gorji, he proved himself as an artist and a producer. He is capable of producing big room tracks as well as House, Deep, Electro and sometimes Trippy music or even more art project pieces. For him music is more about the moment, then a certain style. His tracks are constantly played by some of the biggest players in the game, such as: Carl Cox, Chris Liebing, Loco Dice, Umek, Valentino Kanzyani, Marco Carola but also by a big number of Deep house and Romanian DJs such as Raresh, Praslea, Nima Gorji, Archie Hamilton to name but a few.

Vrac - Ce Zici pisi? EP

"One of my favorite label at the moment, Melliflow is run by dear friends Vera and Alexandra. This one is their latest even though I have all of their releases up until now. Crossover release, perfect for clubs but also for the after-hour parties or brunch with friends. Be sure to check out other releases from the label, and buy some of them if you are lucky to find somewhere. This stuff goes fast."

Vinyl Speed Adjust - Smooth Operator - NG Trax

"Perfect song for Ibiza Underground Club where Ive been playing for years and for us, its one of the best places on the island. I guess you already know who VSA are. The guys are known around the globe for their amazing groove for any dance floor or even after parties. This release just come out on Nima Gorji NG Trax, on vinyl of course. You cant go wrong with it. I play all the songs from this release but my favorite song has to be “Closed Circuit”. "

Valentino Kanzyani - J.C´s Space EP - Jesus Loved You

"This year I enjoyed playing B2B with Valentino for more than 5 hours in Tunnel, Novi Sad. This release is a highlight for me from that party. For sure one of the hottest releases in 2017 made by a legend. I played this songs at big festivals and most of the clubs. Perfect music for 5am or peak time. Release came out just now on Jesus Loved You, so be sure to grab it while its hot. TIP!


MSPE - Son Goku - Referenz

"Two weeks ago I had a chance to play 12 hours in Romania, just until 7 pm to be precise, and this is one of the highlights from that party. Originally came out as a very limited release including tracks by Francesco Del Garda, Avos, Alex Picone and Yakine. Son Goku track is my favorite from the release but others are amazing too. Repress is out so ask your favorite record dealer, in case you missed it."

Christian Linder - Circular Motion (Vivid) - Phono Elements

"I am always happy to dig in old crates in order to find some secret gem that I can play. This one is released in 2002 by Christian Linder. Song that fits most of the moments, even chilling with friends while you read this article. Hope you will be able to find the release since the prices are running high on Discogs. Enjoy!"

This year Shoxy published 5 vinyl releases with more than 20 songs, so check them out in your favorite record shops. Check out his latest ep release named Drum State, including the Martinez Remix.


By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018