Shrimp Trax is a Viennese DJ and producer who's only made his recording debut last year. His music was released on the label Bons Records. "The Shrimp Tape EP" was a vinyl only release, which was then followed by another digital EP on the Nerang Recordings from Australia. He's started the Shrimp Traxx project in 2015 due to his love of combining his music with artwork.

"It's supposed to be raw and inspired by old rave/techno party flyers." It's how he likes it. He is a vinyl collector and a proud hardware producer who uses Yamaha Dx7, Roland 303 clone (xoxbox), Korg M1, Doepfer Eurorack Modules, Roland Tr-626, Roland Jx-03, Akai Mpc 2000, boss dr 660,  Fx Pedals and an old Akai Tape Deck.

"In my DJ sets, I try to combine classic tracks with some new releases. I only play vinyl and I love to go out to a record store and dig for hours to find the perfect tracks. I prefer going out to a record store instead of buying music online because it's much more fun to talk to people and hear their opinions on good music. You will never find this in an online store. My favourite record store here in Vienna is called Das Market, its a great place with a great selection of house, disco and so much more.  All of the tracks which I will present to you today are on vinyl. Most of it I have bought in the last 2-3 months." His upcoming releases are "Samatape007" which is dropping on June 24th, 2017 on Sama Recordings. We can also expect another vinyl release coming in this year, but for now, he's keeping it top secret.

Gnork - Big Dipper

Such a trippy, breaky, deep track. It's by Gnork, an artist I know from Soundcloud. This one dropped on the Magic Wire imprint, the second track of the A side. Great 90s vibe. I've been following Gnork on SoundCloud for maybe 2 years only to find his new release at the record store. I have to admit I was pretty happy when I found this track digging through the crates.

Mall Grab x Rudolf C - Untitled

This track is from the Australian label, Salt Mines. Rudolf C is a very talented artist, much like the artist Shedbug. He also has a track on this Salt 001 EP. They are both the label owners and very nice guys whom I also got to know over Soundcloud. They are part of the uprising OZ house scene. I just love how SoundCloud helps me connect to people, yeah it's a great tool. It's so crazy how it's possible to meet people around the globe. We would never meet without the internet. The track itself has a great deep raw 90s vibe with nice chords, a fat bassline and fat drums. In a way, it's minimalistic but pretty powerful and interesting. It has a good progression to it. What I like about this lo-fi raw music is that it has this cheeky street influences in it. Don't know if you know what I mean, it reminds me a bit of the early hip-hop scene.

DJ Swagger - Get Lit

This is DJ Swagger on E-Beamz, the "Remember Me" EP. I found him on SoundCloud. He is one of the producers who made lo-fi house famous. A young producer, who never shows his face, so he's a bit mysterious. His imprint specialises in lo-fi. Most of the lo-fi "stars" have an EP there. The track "Get Lit" has a nice ghetto vibe; it's ghetto mpc music in my opinion.. Very hip-hop influenced; fat kick, nice groove and a cool vocal sample.

DJ Bong Gozling - Between The Slippage

It's a track of his ep on the label Natural Science, a very cool label. Dj Swagger will also have a release there. The track is dark with an acid-style bassline. Reminds me of a dark warehouse, rave scenes. I'm not sure but I think he used a spring reverb in the intro. What we have here is raw synth line, old-school techno style and then in the break, a warm crazy chord comes in.
By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018