5FAVs with Stephan Bazbaz

Stephan Bazbaz is one of Israel’s most talented underground DJs. With a musical career that spread throughout the last 10 years, he started his interest in electronic music at the S.A.E Institute in Byron Bay Australia, where he studied sound production, later to embed this knowledge in his studio work. While these creative tools gave him the technical advantage with his early productions, it was always the club culture experiences - behind the decks or on the dancefloor - that pushed his work forward.

As a DJ, he owns a rare achievement of being a resident at Tel- Aviv’s most prestige clubs - Breakfast Club, The Block & Cat & Dog - though his best moments shine when it comes to lead his own party - “E-Boded” - an ongoing series of underground outdoor raves (now on their 8th year), that reshaped both sound and character of the Tel Aviv scene.

Stephan’s sound as a DJ range between minimal dub, crispy house, and trippy techno, always with a touch of a sophisticated depth and boundless imagination. 2016 marks the year when he opened “No Waves” - a strictly vinyl-only label - which he aims to be a home for his own productions as well as some fellow artists from Tel Aviv.

Stephan Bazbaz & Sean Doron constructed a club-ready two-parter for Crosstown Rebel's sub-label Rebellion. Check out their fresh Jasmino EP, which was released on the 13th of July. 



"I guess its a bit weird to choose my own track but this is definitely my favourite track made. The structure between a solid groove and a drifting melody reflects exactly the way I would like to express my self through this kind of music."



"The again same idea of a very groovy track with an unforgettable chord melody. Works like a charm on the dance floor and always leaves you with a smile."




"When you a have perfect synth line like here, all you need is a solid 909 beat to make it timeless. It also reminds me a bit of the Goa Trance music, which I used to hear a lot when I was young."




"Something about this track takes me back to the minimal sound of around 8 years ago which I like a lot, but with a futuristic groove and swing that makes the dance floor move immediately."




"Another timeless track that can be played at any stage of a party, doesn’t matter if its opening main or after party, it always takes you to a hypnotic journey in your mind while the groove keeps your feet dancing all the way. I guess the blend between minimalistic grooves and the spacey atmosphere is what gets me going." :)

By Andrej, edited on 18 July 2018