5FAVs with Symann & Ulix

Ulix and Symann are two aliases of Uroš Klančar that represent different forms of underground electronic music. The deeper side of techno and diverse combination of house in various forms, ambient and experimental electronica. Ulix has been a DJ and event promoter since the '90s and his contribution to Slovenia electronic music scene can be considered substantial. Most notably, he established Synaptic crew, a team that produced a hundred+ events throughout the 20 years of active presence.

Symann stands for the philosophy that DJing is an art form where the vibe is based on emotional musical threads. Throughout the career, he stayed true to vinyl and mixes with a high level of meticulous precision. He released tracks for Soul Industries, Tehnika, Biomechanics and initiated label Synaptic Pathways focusing on the deeper side of electronica. He'll perform at one of our following SOLVD event at Klub K4 on 14th February alongside Sanja, Alex Ranerro & Teo.  


“This track reminds me of trend defining dub & jazz influenced minimal "micro" house artists like Jan Jelinek, Deadbeat, Daniel Bell appearing on highly influential early ~scape records. The track slowly evolves through subtle hypnotic soundscapes, clicks, cracks, and ticks waking up bodies and shaking your heads on a hi-hat's and sub base groove. I don't see this as a minimal track though, since it is a meticulously complex, rich and powerful track, demanding and capturing listening attention. It's ideal as one of the openings tracks after-hours chill or just easy home listening. I also appreciate the personalized hand stamped labeling and numbering of this limited vinyl-only editions on Yarn.“


“Dub techno-influenced production for the fans of Rhythm & Sound and Basic Channel. You will hear samples of spoken words, reggae riffs, dubstep cuts and progression of chords locked into a firm techno groove. This track is on the b-side of a limited 7-inch vinyl record. What is especially interesting about this whole record is that I normally play the a-side (a never chained version) which develops from dubstep into 4/4 dub techno only in the last 15 seconds. So during the set, I just turn the record around and play b-side immediately after. Not sure if someone has noticed this yet, but it's kind of fun since this is the only record so far where this "trick" actually works smoothly. We can even say that the whole track is spat on two sides and a DJ's job is to glue them back.” 


“Arcane is Brooklyn based label releasing house based tracks with an experimental twist adding diversity and innovation into it. That's pretty much why I also love this track which introduced me to it This is a very emotional track which creates a mist of fog over the dance-floor with beautiful stringy pads calming your mind while short and cut percussion continue to slap your body. Give me more.“ 


“Does it get easier? No. But maybe yes, cause this track makes you flow and makes things super easy. The lo-fi house represents quite some portion of my record collection obtained during the last years. Calling it a lo-fi house is an oversimplification for me because there is a huge variety of cross-genre diversity around and you can hear pretty much everything that appeared throughout the electronic music history (acid, funk, disco, techno, electro, experimental, etc.). I rather just call it old school even if this is the one track I actually have in digital format, which represents about 1% of my collection. Yeah, I missed the vinyl here. Will obtain it for sure eventually. 100% vinyl.”


“Talk about old school disco stomp house? This is it, a recently re-discovered track from the EP where I normally played other tracks. I always like the realization when you pick up an old record after 10+ years and discover that it's actually new and fresh. It often even fits into the current trends (not that I care). So, there are no old records, just the ones, which are re-discovered and recycled. All has been done we are just spinning around our musical tastes endlessly while the core remains. This track should trigger everyone to dance. Music is about triggering emotions, everything else is secondary.”

By Saša, edited on 17 January 2020