5FAVs with Tiger Stripes

Stockholm based Mikael Nordgren, aka Tiger Stripes has slowly but surely built up a solid international career as a prestigious and well sought after underground producer, remixer and DJ. As Tiger Stripes, he has travelled the world playing his deep techno and futuristic tech house. His music has been released by heavyweight labels such as Desolat, Drumcode, Cajual and Truesoul just to mention few while the list of his collaborators includes legends like Kerri Chandler, Adeva, Leroy Burgess and Jerome Sydenham.

We've invited Mikael to our regular 5FAV feature upon his latest Hot Creations release which was out on 6th July.


“As a DJ this is one of my own tracks that I’ve enjoyed playing out quite a bit. I’m happy with how it sounds, both dark and uplifting at the same time, and how it fills the dance floor when I play it. I’m also really happy about releasing it with Hot Creations as I’m a long time fan of the label.”


"The other day, when thinking about who my favourite artist in electronic music was, I realized no one is even close to Robert Hood. Over the years, he has kept on delivering his soulful techno, giving us so many great classic tracks like "Funky Souls", "I Am", "Never Grow Old", "Tell You No Lie", "Idea", "Let the Church"… I could go on forever! Coming from a soul and disco background, I feel his sounds and rhythms goes straight to my soul, giving me just the emotions and energy I’m looking for in dance music."


"When I heard Kristin Velvet’s "Now or never" last year, I just knew her music would be perfect for my label Strange Idols. She had the sound I was looking for with her heavy beats mixed with funky, quirky vocals and cool sounds. So I’m super proud of releasing this EP and I think it’s her strongest release so far. When the beats hits the dance floor, just after that weird breakdown, that’s when people go... INSANE!"


"I have my own edit of this track that I play. With heavy beats, pads and fx it’s one of my best working secret weapons when I DJ. Come to see me and I’ll play it for you! The original is really minimalistic but still such a party track."


"I love Warpaint. I love the mood of their songs and they are great musicians all four of them. In my world, Stella Mozgawa is easily a top 5 drummer. When I return to my hotel room after a gig, trying to wind down and fall to sleep, I put on their track "Drive" and float away. I've been doing this for years now and it always works for me. Sweet dreams."

By Saša, edited on 23 July 2018