5FAVs with UNER

UNER is one of the most important names of the new generation of DJs and producers. His background in production as well as being a classically trained musician has encouraged him to incorporate both passions into a new concept to combine both his DJ set and a live act. This provides the audience something very experimental, versatile and unique which makes his performances an unforgettable experience.

His setup is constantly evolving, giving him endless capabilities for creativity. Launched in 2015, his label Solar Distance has released EPs from the likes of Philip Bader, Lee Van Dowski, Alex Kennon and Copy Paste Soul.  Uner launched the label releasing his own EP "Return & Rebirth". And now he is soon to drop his 2nd EP called "Urantia" with a supporting remix from Petar Dundov. Down below are UNER's "the big five". Enjoy!


"I have been following Olafur Arnalds from the beginning. I love music composed for piano. Of course, I’m a huge fan of Nils Frahm but Olafur is doing something special. He is more connected with the classical side of music, playing a lot of orchestral instruments but imposing the music with an electronic music concept and vision. I am a pianist and I can’t go 24 hours without listening to a piano, and Olafur gives me those special moments when you can close your eyes and just fly with your mind."


"Resonance is a Spanish artist, and a brilliant one, from the Canary Islands. I met him thanks to a good friend of mine in Madrid, and after listening to his music I fell totally in love with it. His last album is magical and of course, the story behind it is a real love story. As soon as you start to listen to his music you can feel that something special is on the way and here it is …"


"Of course, Oxygen3 is going to be the big track here when talking about Jean-Michel, and maybe a favourite for lots of people who have followed him for years. But for me, I am doing electronic music because of him. My father gave me his “Magnetic Fields” album when I was a child and it changed my life. But this track with the other master Sir Hans Zimmer is out of this world. Its pure emotion and Synth Love."


"Just a brilliant track. I have been playing it everywhere and have listened to it thousands of times. It's the perfect track for any moment, to be honest. The groove is amazing, the vocal is magical and the production is superb. Nothing else to say…!"


"Playing the Sol Seletas stuff since the first release and I’m really in love with every single track. I met them in LA a few months ago and I really respect what they are doing. Here is one of my favourite tracks. I have been playing it almost at every gig, that groove and vocal sampler and the harmonies are coming from the deepest of souls. I feel this is Spiritual Techno."

By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018