5FAVs with Vuka

Surprisingly eclectic, unhinged and most certainly unpredictable are just couple of words that best fit mixing and selection of Vuka, member of the Kvalitat Team.

The idea of his quirky DJ set brings endless possibilities to the listener. You could quite easily expect a couple of afro inserts merged with some funk and soul jams. As he progresses into the deep and murky waters you may expect some of the clearest pure-blooded house gems gradually sliding into muddy techno.

It can really be anything just sitting ashore of your earlobe, slowly entwining and forming a sweet and tasty combination with disco and tropical rhythms seasoned with a salty pinch of bass. Noted for his deep knowledge of music and pristine selection, he's earned the trust of many. Very soon after becoming a member of Gumitwist crew in 2012, he started to play numerous club nights, either warming up or closing dance floors after names such as Ben UFO, DJ Sotofett, Cosmin TRG, Tevo Howard, Prosumer, Prins Thomas and many others. These are his most-selected five picks.

Iury Lech - Barreras

"This record used to cost a fortune but thanks to guys from CockTail d'Amore you can get the reissue version for a normal price. Ambient bliss!"

Comforters - Month End Lover

"Best deal in 2017 for sure. I traded a t-shirt and got this South African burner in return. Thanks, Kosta!"

Manuel Göttsching - E2-E4

"THE Balearic track. Take your time and enjoy."

Kahuun - Batteri

"Favourite release on my favourite label. Bought this on my first trip to Berlin and it hasn’t left my record bag since then."

Toulouse Low Trax - Reserves To Talk

"Killer weirdo downtempo madness from Detlef Weinrich."

By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018