Arturia announced DrumBrute

Arturia is one of the leading manufacturers which is specialised in the development of music software and hardware for both the professional and amateur musician. One of their recent products that will soon hit the music stores is called DrumBrute. It is a 100% analogue drum machine & sequencer with 17 distinct, fully analogue drum and percussion instruments. This machine does also have a massive connectivity, a two-mode Steiner-Parker filter and dynamic performance controls. DrumBrute joins Arturia's growing Brute family of affordable devices, such as the Minibrute. More than the sum of its parts, DrumBrute combines the technical perfection of studio gear with the excitement of a playable instrument.

Sequencing can be programmed in step and real-time varieties, the latter of which is controlled with pressure-sensitive pads. Recalling Arturia's Beatstep Pro, every sound can have different sequence lengths, facilitating the creation of polyrhythmic patterns. There are also loop and step repeat functions. Swing and randomness can be applied to individual sounds or on a global level, while patterns run up to 64 steps and can be grouped together into longer structures in Song Mode. DrumBrute will be available from 17th November onwards for a solid price of 449€. We will be definitely adding this piece of gear to our bucket list.  

Here is a short promo video of DrumBrute.

By Saša, edited on 05 June 2018