Alex Ranerro remixed Rockaforte

The Italian producer Rockaforte aka Luca Olivotto, which has found his new home in German capital city Berlin, has recently released a new three-track EP on his imprint Endless Music. The EP was released at the end of September (LINK) and it will be followed by a massive remix package that will hit digital stores in mid-November.

The Remixes

The first remix is brought to you by a German duo GNTN, who reworked track “Gates”. While the original holds more deeper energy, they've moved this remix into a techno shade, pushing up the BPMs and delivering nothing but a dance-floor weapon, perfect for peak time action. The second remix was produced by the New York-based DJ and producer Yulia Niko. She remixed “No one Else” in a classy deep house way, using warm chords and atmospheric vibe in a combination with a solid groove. The third remix comes from the Slovenian artist Alex Ranerro, who previously released a successful "Seva" EP on Endless Music.

Alex perfectly retouched “Gates”, keeping the original soul of the track and adding progressive house elements. He combined them with a Balearic inspired drum line that is working nicely with arps and clever sequences. The next remix comes from Arne Spremberg. He showed his vision of “Gates”. Arne's remix is a deep and dark cut with a techno flavour. The constantly evolving arrangement made this remix perfect for the early hours of the night. Last but not least is another Berlin-based DJ, Rocko Garoni. He put his magical fingers on track “Monologue” and reworked it in his really own style. Rocko used some of the original elements and smartly combined them with a dirty, raw groove. Stab synth parts and shuffling hi-hats made this remix the most uplifting version in the whole package.

Endless music on the right path

We can say that these are really well-produced tracks with lots of versatility. While some tracks are more suitable for peak time slots, other do better in the opening hours of the night. Endless Music is truly becoming a source for a modern quality electronic music that could be easily setting the trends in the future. Monologue remix package will be available via Beatport on 14th November. 

By Saša, edited on 13 June 2018