Interview: Mistakes

We have written about Mistakes before, their formation and burning the Milk Drinkers flag. This time the guys are delivering their very first release, along with the video in their style. "Pop That” came out as a result of a collaboration with the up-and-coming techno producer ACID Rocky. It is as a futuristic acid track with dynamic structure complemented with different styles and genres.

The video is creating an artificial, trippy world that describes the squad's home region of ex-Yugoslavia and their preposterous fashionable lifestyle. It was directed and produced by the artists themselves and their visual team , with whom they are already working on the continuation of more upcoming releases.

As we are used to more rock'n'roll-ish types of tracks by the ex Milk Drinkers band. They claim this track is not taking part of any album or EP, and does not recap the style of their future releases. It is just a great collaboration with their friends and different creative individuals.

Are you done building your spaceship?

Haha yes, she’s ready to take off, we just have to run some more tests. We’re launching for Mars first and we’ll see where we go from there.

Your music and video are delivered with some more rock'n'roll-ish edge to it, do you feel as if you're also living that kind of life a bit?

We had some pretty cool experiences in life, but i don't think the video tries to capture that at all, it was just meant to be visually attractive. This video is really just about people smoking cigarettes. On acid.

Sam Cortéz by Jean Pierrot

Where do you find an inspiration for producing music? Is it just sex, drugs and rock'n'roll or does it have a deeper meaning?

Of course fun and entertainment are both crucial elements when we’re writing and producing. The inspiration comes from the life's events, but mostly it comes from people or ideas in some very different art forms.

You were described as an "electronic music band" by definition, but are known for producing and playing in almost all styles and genres. What are the pros and cons of that?

Right, no genres, just style. We decided not to give a f*ck about that anymore, because we like all the music and there should be no limits. The new music will definitely be blurring the lines between genres. We live in a time of musical freedom. Also, I don't look at somebody who's number one in a single genre as a specialist. I look at him as a "noob" in every other genre. That's the future.

Besides Mistakes, are there any projects you are involved in temporarily?

Lots of projects, although most of them go together with Mistakes, this is way beyond just musical stuff. I believe we are one of the hardest working, up & coming collectives out there but for now, we're just focused on delivering some dope products.

When was your most important show and where did it take place?

This is a tough one because everything we did was important in some way and essential for the project’s involvement. Everything that made us grow as men and artists. As Mistakes, we only had one gig, but the time will come sooner or later, when we'll be back on stages, hopefully with some kind of a "live" show. But we need some time to make that work, we're not thinking about it right now.

If you would have an unlimited budget what would your show look like?

Unlimited strippers. Jk, we would probably make this work somewhere else in the solar system. Probably I’d build my own space station, like a death star and everything would be so dark and cool, and Satan would be my b*tch.  

By Marko, edited on 28 June 2018