101 with Layton Giordani

Layton Giordani was born in New York in 1992. During his childhood and adolescence, he grew up blocks away from the east coast shore and was very keen on surfing and skating. However, it was when he heard house music for the first time that shaped the direction for the remainder of his teenage years. After graduating high school, his interest in dance music developed into a full-time occupation for the now prolific producer. With his first experience of a real club at Pacha in New York City, at only 15 years old it was then turning into an every weekend hobby. He even locked down the opportunity to play there a few times after teaching himself how to DJ and putting in full-time work in the studio as well as local nightclubs.

His dedication and determination paid off. His first mega release ‘Careless Suggestions’ on Phobiq Records catapulted his name into the limelight. With massive support coming from Deadmau5 on the Ultra main stage at WMC in 2014 to being aired by BBC Radio 1 & Carl Cox’s notorious Global Radio show, the track stayed in the Beatport Techno Top 100 chart for over half a year. Since then he has seen a steady stream of releases over the last two years. Starting with Carl Cox’s & Jon Rundell’s Intec in 2015, his ‘Never Forgotten’ EP went straight to No.10 on the Beatport Techno chart. Layton then got picked up by Adam Beyer with his ‘Unspoken’ EP dropping on Adam’s Truesoul in the summer of 2016.

His Beatport success continued with the title track climbing to No.3 in the Techno chart. It’s safe to say with all this under his belt, we can expect to see Layton take things to the next level in 2017, with news of his next project now unveiled, he will be releasing his first LP also on Drumcode on 27th February titled “Where It Begins”.

What’s your favourite piece of gear – something you couldn’t live without?

Hmmmm. I’m usually an internal guy when it comes to producing but as far as gear goes when I perform I love to use to my Boss DD7 delay pedal for some nice raw sound effects. 

Which do you prefer – playing at enormous festivals or intimate clubs?

I love playing intimate rooms, I have been doing that for a while now, and at the start of my career, so I would love to play some more festivals I think for now…It’s still all really new and exciting to me!

Which is the most mesmerising club that you’ve ever played at?

Hands down - Output, Brooklyn. No photo policy along with the crowd being openly minded for anything you’re about to play.

What is your best and worst experience at a gig and why?

My worst experience at a gig was when the head promoter passed away hours away from the party…had to cancel the whole thing. Was really upsetting. Best experience would have to be when I played Tomorrow world. The crowd was up early and ready for techno….I was really impressed!

Do you have any interests besides music?

Surfing in the summer…really enjoy doing that with my good friends.

Do you enjoy sunset or sunrise sets?

Sunset I think…you can go from party mode to melodic techno without the hangover…but honestly, both are good. They are special in their own way.

What do you like and what do you hate about the music industry?

Well to start with the good; I love how our community is so connected and we look at each other as a whole. We come together for the good and the bad, it’s really heart-warming. I hate club and industry politics, all those kind of things that get in the way of the music.

If you could pick any artist to do a b2b set, who would it be?

Adam Beyer.

What’s your biggest fear? I’m a hypochondriac…so pretty much everything.

What’s the funniest thing that ever happened to you during a gig?

Probably when I was running up to the stage and fell on my ass…I mean, it wasn't very funny for me personally, but I am sure it was for all my friends!

Could you pick one timeless track?

Underworld – “Born Slippy” ……Tune!

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our readers?

Music is a beautiful thing when you stay open-minded to it… Peace. 

By SolvdMag, edited on 05 June 2018