Ableton Live 10 is coming in early 2018

Ableton has recently launched their first video that showed new features and improvements which will occur in version 10. The video reveals many new add-ons which will surely make this DAW even more popular amongst music producers. The specific date of the release isn't set yet but the brand new Ableton Live 10 should be available somewhere in the first quarter of 2018.

"Wavetable, Echo, Drum Buss, Pedal, ... "

The list of new devices that will be present in Ableton 10 is quite impressive. First on the list is a brand new synth called Wavetable which will allow you to shape, stretch and morph sounds using wavetables derived from analogue synths, and a range of other instruments and sounds. Echo will emulate classic analogue and digital hardware delays in a single device while Pedal brings the character of analogue stomp boxes with separate circuit-level models of overdrive, distortion and fuzz guitar. One of the newest features that we'll appreciate the most is the option that will allow us to group specific elements within groups. Sounds inception-ish, right? There are other impressive new features available but we suggest you take a look at their introduction video which will help you get a clearer picture.

Make sure you check out their web page (HERE) for more detailed information.
By Saša, edited on 13 June 2018