Ableton reveals their new website for music production

One of the leading digital audio workstations, Ableton, has just launched their new website that is presenting a different approach to electronic music production. The website is focused on delivering knowledge to beginners and it could be a useful tool to encourage even more people out there.

You can check the website HERE.

The project features several lessons that will help you learn the basics of making music with a computer. It's a really handy step by step process which explains most of the basic things that you should know such as beats, chords, melodies, song structure, notes and bass lines. The website is a fine mixture of theory as well as practical examples that will help you understand the principles behind the process. Once you master all the fundamentals, you can also test yourself on the playground area and even grasp more knowledge under the advanced topics section. This is yet another promising project by the Ableton team which will surely get approval from electronic music users and enthusiasts.


By Saša, edited on 29 May 2018