Short Interview with ACKT Imprint prior to their second release!

Swedish house and techno imprint ACKT successfully breaks the monotony of our cold winter days with their second release. And it's a big one. After their debut release Extended Play 001 which featured Ray Okpara, Alex Kennon, Ale Castro & Zogbe, Stacktown and ACKT the label has once again done it. 

"Extended Play 002" will surely be jam-packed with high-quality music with the distinctive minimalistic sound the label has become known for. The release date is set for 16th January, so make sure you get your favourites on time. And it's a rare commodity to achieve that after a single release. Guys are on a mission to inspire - or be inspired. The label is building its foundations on a strict no demo policy. After what we've seen so far they are doing a swell job rounding their releases with talented artists. We're definitely looking forward to more releases like this in the future!

Listen to the fresh cuts from the VA below:

Marko Nastic is one of the top leading DJs coming from Serbia and has been active for more than two decades. Johnny D represents the Mannheim sound and has been nominated for “Best track of the year” by DeBug Magazine. Cocoon resident Chris Tietjen is one of the main artists in Sven Väth's crew touring constantly around the world. Yakazi label owners HITCH & Andre Buljat are one of Barcelona's front figures playing regularly at Pacha Barcelona. ACKT Imprints label owners Nick Perry and Rob Main aka Nicke & R.MA have been busy the past years releasing tracks on major labels within the minimal scene.

Make sure to read the short interview we did with the crew.

ACKT (Juan Andres, Rob Main, Nick Perry och Alvaro Aguilera)

Hi guys! Could you please describe the whole idea behind ACKT project?
ACKT started off as a DJ/producer duo by Rob Main and Nick Perry and develop into a collective with Juan Andres. It was later expanded to include the label ACKT Imprint and we are working at the time on incorporating an event division.  We have also been active for a couple of years under our aliases Nicke, R.MA and Juardo. The whole idea has been very simple from the beginning with everything, to endorse and promote the music that we love to produce and play.

What was the main inspiration that led you guys to start a label?

Rob Main and Nick Perry started this imprint early last years after several years of contemplating the idea. We feel that the special blend we aim to provide is unique and the time had come to realise the concept.
The second release is a VA compilation which is a mixture of younger talents and already established names. How do you decide upon which music to release?
Our vision with ACKT Imprint and every VA release is to collect high quality underground minimal music from new talents and established artists not normally found in the minimal scene that we like and inspire us, whether is house or techno or any other of its subgenre, without ever comprising the minimal essence that lives within the label. The special blend made for each individual VA release is meticulously selected to accentuate the different character in each track and mould a unique form.

Where do you see ACKT in a few years?

Hopefully, with a lot of hard work, ACKT Imprint will become established and recognized digital/vinyl label by most for its high quality and unique composition. Our goal is also to host showcases around the globe on a regular basis through its event division. ACKT will be a collective to be reckoned with among other artists that inspire and motivate us. Follow the label ACKT Imprint and our collective ACKT via our social media to keep up with our progress.
By Andrej, edited on 13 June 2018