Alex Ranerro with a debut EP on new-born Deeper Traxx label

Uk based label Sense Traxx will soon launch their fresh sub-label called Deeper Traxx. As the label stated, "Deeper Traxx is strictly for the heads. It's an opportunity to express our tastes with deeper, groovier house music that doesn’t quite slot into Sense Traxx well-known club ready, dancefloor destroying sound." The first release comes from Slovenian producer, DJ, and SolvdMag co-founder Alex Ranerro. He presents two original tunes with a classic remix from Sebb Junior.

Alex Ranerro - Hard Case EP

Same titled opening track of the EP brings out a skip in the step, a super distinctive groove, underpinned with solid kicks and nicely arranged percussion. Synth stabs are slowly becoming a trademark sound from Slovenian talent. The second original is called "Utopia" and it contains a dose of mystery and darkness.

The stomping groove is firmly combined with synth cuts while maintaining the atmospheric feel. While both original tunes share a similar mellow feel, Sebb Junior added positive vibes with his version of "Hard Case". Lovely pads, gorgeous vocal adlibs, and great skippy hats give us that warm, fuzzy feeling.

This EP confirms the versatility in Alex's production. It's a solid introduction to the new-born imprint and we'll keep an eye on Deeper Traxx too see what they've prepared for us in the future. The EP will be available from 27th October onwards via Traxsource HERE.

By Matic, edited on 15 June 2018