Alleged Witches releases EP on Meda Fury

Christian Kroupa, a Slovenian based DJ & producer, has been recently active with his side-kick project Alleged Witches, that's where Christian keeps expanding his range of experimentally inclined techno productions. He featured on Scuba’s ‘Fabric 90’ mix CD and following this respectful appearance, he released fresh four-track EP on R&S sub-label, Meda Fury.

Alleged Witches - Serve The Spirits EP

"Serve The Spirits" EP features three original tunes as well as a remix by Initial Rituals. The opening tune, which is simply named after his alter ego “Alleged Witches”, draws attention to itself with the kind of rumbling, off-kilter beat backbone you would expect to hear on a Hessle Audio or Hemlock record. The shrouded vocal sample adds a ritualistic feel to the track. "Far East" merges the organic and synthetic perspective with keeping the Voodoo Vibe. "B" side completely follows the mystic idea of this EP with "Witches' Mark" as the first track. Shakers and organic percussions are working nicely with jungle elements and female vocal which brings deep into the Amazon forest.  On the other side, "Pick Up Your Needle" (Initiation Rituals remix) entrances the listener with its wonderfully hypnotic polyrhythms.

Alleged Witches’ debut EP was released on June 9th via Meda Fury. You can grab your copy HERE.

By Saša, edited on 29 May 2018