Ambasada Gavioli is closing its doors for good

One of the most legendary Slovenian clubs is sadly ending its journey at the end of this year. After successfully running for respectful 22 years, the iconic Ambasada Gavioli will only host two more events before closing its doors for good. The loss of "the Cathedral of Luxurious Colours" will be devastating for the local electronic music community which will hardly accept the fact that their favourite shelter won't be open anymore.

Erick Morillo to perform on the last anniversary

On Saturday, December 9th, the club, which helped create the electronic music and pop culture in the wider region, will host a party on its 22nd anniversary, which, unfortunately, will be the last one there. For the last time in Izola, the US DJ and producer Erick Morillo will perform his trademark sound - an energetic and skilful house set.

The Fetch The Vibe team, which curated the club's program for the past eight years, invites all enthusiasts and music lovers to join them at the "open-day" event during the afternoon of December 9th, between 15:00 and 20:00, where posters and flyers will be on display.

The organisation also invites the media at the press conference at 5 pm where Fetch The Vibe organisation will be available for questions about the final closure of the club and the broader electronic scene. The new owners, Elektro Turnšek real estate company, which will be announcing that they'll not continue the same activity, will also be present at the conference.

The last party at Ambasada Gavioli will be on January 1st when Fetch The Vibe team will prepare yet another unforgettable experience that will lead the club to its well-deserved rest.  


By Saša, edited on 30 May 2018