Anastasia Kristensen: "My first true musical inspiration came from classical music"

Mixmag has placed her #4 on Top 20 Breakthrough DJ's of 2017 list stating that she emerged from seemingly nowhere to become one of the most talked-about young DJ's, praising her techno-heavy sets that are intense textural explorations which enthral and surprise. In just a couple of months, the resident of Culture Box club in Copenhagen has done mixes for Boiler Room, Resident Advisor, Fact, Rinse FM, travelled the world and is now ready to storm big summer festivals, including Exit and Dimension.

But even before the festival season really kicks off and you’ll rave your ass off with her in big arenas, you can dance the night away with Anastasia Kristensen on 26th April in a much more intimate setting of the legendary Klub K4 in Ljubljana.

You play techno, but full of breaks, rave even disco, you overstep genre boundaries and include lots of 90's tracks in your sets. What is your music philosophy?

First of all, when I'm out playing, I focus on the current circumstances of the party. For me, the selections I have represent the event’s journey: a set up of venue, lights, people and music where we all can lose our worries, fears and share positive vibes with music. It is indeed correct, I'm fond of old school tunes, but it is not a purpose itself.

Do you have a favourite record you found digging through old releases? Is there that one that you’d really like to get your hands on but you just can find it?

I have hard times picking one favourite record, be it from the past or current times. My recent mixes represent my choices well. I occasionally run into frustrations of not finding a record, but after a while, I usually find a way: I try to track it down myself or I ask some close colleagues where I could acquire it from.

Do you ever find techno community, especially artists, being too serious and even snobbish? How important in techno is the element of having fun?

Sure, you can always find some individuals who behave like that, but I believe in the best of any person or a community out there, which is per default not like aforementioned. For me in techno the element of having fun is essential.

How much is your sound influenced by being based in Denmark and how does that show? I’d dare to say that shows in your love for melodies (typical for Kolsch), but I miss a pinch of melancholy which is so typical for producers such as Trentemoller.

I disagree with your observations completely regarding Kolsch, as I have not been thinking about his work at all actually when selecting my music. My sound is mostly affected by the fact of moving from Moscow to Copenhagen, which it lead me to more digging, but not by known Danish producers or music tradition from there itself. :)

One of your passions is also a ballet dancing. Is there any connection between (classic) ballet dancing and techno at all?

I find the search for unknown and release of emotions can be applied to both, ballet dancing and techno. My first true musical inspiration came from classical music.

You produce and play music for people to dance to. When was the last time you went to a club or a festival just to dance your ass off?

I usually do it at small local events run by promoters here in Copenhagen. It’s a joy to see my friends play and to have fun with them. Lately, I don’t have any time for that at all though. But when I do find some, it’s indeed a huge pleasure to just “be a guest”.

Claim to fame: Who’s the most famous Kristensen you know?

Hmmm, good question! Maybe Isabell Kristensen, a fashion designer, dressmaker for the stars and perfumer? I have never met her, but she’s a national treasure here. :) 

Is there anything you know about Slovenia? No problem if not - nobody does. :) I do know you have a bridge with a pillar that is taller than the tallest hill in Denmark, which is kind of funny from the perspective of Alpine nation.

I’ve seen you have an amazing nature! I do look forward to learning more about it and I’m excited to experience the scene there. Thanks for the invite and this interview!

By Gregor, edited on 15 June 2018