Andrea Ljekaj remixed Dansor for Comport Rec.

Dansor, a Dutch-based producer and DJ, will release fresh music on her imprint Comport Records. This independent label will be the new home for her mesmerising single which features remixes from Natural Flow and Andrea Ljekaj.

"Inverted Moments" single + remixes

The original tune is headed into deep house direction. Laid back groove and vocals are firmly combined with pads, strings and a simple bass-line. Every element has its own depth which gives an opening track a nice flow and balance. The Mexican duo Natural Flow, which previously released on labels such as Hope Recordings, moved their remix closer to techno area with higher BPM's and a bit darker vibe. The groove of their version is driven by shuffling hi-hats and dynamic bass-line. The second remix comes from a Croatian talent, Andrea Ljekaj. He proved himself with quality productions which were released on labels such as Get Physical and Save Us Records. His remix is closer to the original version.

He kept the deeper vibe and added superb drum groove that is perfectly co-operating with synth stabs. The vocals are providing the track with a slight majestic feeling. These mysterious vocals hold something extra which could make this package a potentially good one. We shall see the reactions on the dance floor's to give the more precise opinion. You should definitely set the date of the release, which will be on 24th November via all digital stores. 

By Saša, edited on 13 June 2018