Andrea Ljekaj remixes Brian Cid on Berlin based imprint Save Us

Andrea Ljekaj is known for his exemplary productions and is definitely one of the most prosperous producers and sound designers of our region. His euphoric and powerful trademark sound has gained him worldwide recognition and numerous superb gigs all around Europe and the Middle East. Releasing through labels like Get Physical and Save Us, he has received hefty support from big names throughout the industry. Andrea is since January working and residing in his hometown Zagreb, moving from Berlin – the European Mecca for electronic music (also home to the Save Us imprint where Andrea is A&R for).

This time he delivers a marvellous remix for Brian Cid, whose Division EP has already won the hallowed support of BBC Radio 1 legend Pete Tong and plays from respected heavy-weight artists like Hernan CattaneoDamian Lazarus, Luciano, Nick Warren and Eelke Kleijn among others.

The EP has a mysterious vibe attached to it, yet "Division", a very energetic techno-ish track, has a bit of a deeper tone, designed to create a moment of tension on the floor. "The inspiration behind the name of this track is a moment in time and space where music can literally divide us from reality and take us to a world created by us although we’ve never been before."

The remix is a tad more in-your-face, a nice driving arrangement, with great use of atmospheric sounds and pads. It complements the EP as well as it gives it just a little bit more edge. Both the original and the remix are designed to work well on the floor, definitely peak-time weapons. "Slowest Poison" is a bit deeper, a bit more emotional, with a melancholic twist. Very clean sound with broken arpeggios, dramatic strings and a lot of reverb put to good use here. It really gets under your skin ... and just like poison, it works its way straight to your heart.

By Andrej, edited on 15 June 2018