Iran born musician from Sweden Aril Brikha will perform live in Belgrade on April 7th. The big room of legendary meat butchery turned nightclub - Drugstore will take on hundreds of people, ready for a melodic, rhythmic and emotional journey into the best of genre-bending electronic music. Live performance, hosted by Music Reactions, will be complemented by DJ sets of two famous DJ veterans from Serbia - Boža Podunavac and Dušan Kačarević.

Moving to Sweden at a young age, Aril Brikha developed an interest in electronic music very early on. Some of the names that drew him into the world of electronic music are „Depeche Mode”, „Front 242” and Jean-Michel Jarre.

Although in Sweden, his producer beginnings clashed with the popularisation of minimal, Brikha managed to find labels that were interested in publishing his music. His sound was best categorised as Detroit techno. Soon, he realised that his work doesn’t suite Swedish and European labels, so he sent out a demo to Derrick May’s Transmat record label. Transmat got a hold of his music and published the EP Art of Vengeance with world-famous Groove La Chord track. The rest, well, is history!

And what is his music at the moment? Is it Techno, House or Deep House? Brikha says it’s everything and nothing! Over the course of last 2 decades, he avoided genres, making his own mark as one of the biggest innovators of the global electronic music scene.

Local support from two DJ veterans

That Friday night will be kick-started at 11 PM by one of the most respected warm-up DJ’s in Serbia - Dušan Kačarević. Kačarević will hop behind the decks to do what he does best, warming up the crowd with his selection of diverse electronic music. Famous for tempo changing as the set finishes he’ll prepare "Drugstorians" for what’s about to kick in during prime time.

Kerri Chandler, Carl Craig, Derrick May, Solomun, Josh Wink, DJ Rolando, Sister Bliss, Nina Kraviz and Levon Vincent are just some of the names Kačarević played with.

After Kačarević and Brikha, Boža Podunavac will close the night. Ex-music editor of one of Serbia’s national radio stations B92 is a synonym for Serbian electronic music scene. Podunavac, who is a very respected figure on the electronic music scene in Serbia, just a couple of months ago celebrated 3 decades of DJing. From Belgrade’s legendary clubs Soul Food, Underground and Industrija, to Barutana, Drugstore and KPTM, Podunavac played and hosted numerous events, aways in the search for something fresh.

By SolvdMag, edited on 05 June 2018