Arturia is giving away a FREE filter plug-in

Christmas time and New Year's Eve are definitely one of the highlights of every year because of a whole lot of different things. While this should be the time to spend it with your family and loved ones it's also a time when we're treated well with loads of gifts and presents. One of these lovely gifts is a freebie from one of the leading audio software and hardware manufacturers. Arturia is giving away for free their sequence MiniFilter V software plug-in!

"Hurry up and register yourself for a free copy"

The MiniFilter V is perfect for you whether you're a DJ, musician, producer or just enthusiast. Maybe you'd like to add warmth to your voice, make your lead guitar sound more trenchant or amplify the weight of your drum track. MiniFilter V features all the necessary components that a great filter should have, such as LFO, envelope section and brilliant step sequencer. The step sequencer is why you should get yourself a copy of MiniFilter V. With eight steps and analogue-style controls, you can route it to cutoff, LFO rate, and emphasis. Anyway, we'll let you test it for yourselves. Also, don't hesitate too long, there are only a couple of days left! Download instructions: ARTURIA MINIFILTER V 

By Saša, edited on 26 May 2018