August Top Picks: 5 tracks we simply cannot get enough of

Here are our top picks for August. You already know how this one goes... The last couple of days of the month I go and text all the colleagues at our magazine to remind and nag them for as long as it takes until they submit their favorite tune of the month.

Much like when artists do it for our 5FAVs, but this one is a tad different as we each get only one pick. One track only. Old vs. new, fresh vintage, raw or melancholic, a classic or a potential contender. It doesn't matter as long as you vouch for it with your life. The best part is that I am the only one who knows who sent in which, letting other gang members guessing whose pick it is. It's staff submitted music: our resident DJs, brand ambassadors, promoters, and writers all joining together for this lovely feature.

Shigeto - Detroit Part II

Shigeto returns with a new album "The New Monday", which is going to be released on October 6th. “It’s focused on a couple things and they all kind of come together to represent different things,” explains Saginaw about the new album. “My time back in Detroit, back living in Michigan and spending time with a lot of kind of original people who have always been here, learning from them, hearing stories from them, being influenced by them, and inspired by them.” New cut Detroit II is online now, and it's a pared down slice of electronic minimalism with a jazz influence.

Nick Beringer - High Lines

Tato, Wax Isgud head honcho joins Nick Beringer for producing this wonderful, deep and groovy EP for Organic Music, a French record label called Synergy EP. The first two,“High Lines” and “Alpha Waves” are Nick Beringer creations, smooth and really fresh underground sound.  Coming out on September the 1st.

South London Ordnance - Parallel Window (Sigha Remix)

Token and Blueprint affiliate, Sigha elevates the lead bassline of the original track - augmenting it with trademark cavernous low end, skittering highs & a rolling lead arp to create a hypnotic, half-time dirge. Powerful weapon!

Adam Stacks - House Party

After a short break, Adam Stacks is back with a nice, old school-sounding house EP named 'Disco Dancing Shoes'. With these 4 tracks, he combines classic house music with some disco elements and brings back the simple and easy vibe of lovely grooves and sexy dance moves. So if you are ready to ride on your 'Pony' to the next 'House Party', take a nice girl with you and be her 'Undercover Lover'... what a 'Rollercoaster' ride life can be. With that being said, you are now prepared to enjoy the 'Disco Dancing Shoes EP' by producer & DJ Adam Stacks.

YYY ‎– 黒803 - B

YYY series is a sub label of yoyaku record label. Every release from the series kind of owns that unique, deeper vibe mixed with minimal and tech house elements which are very similar to the production of Varhat or Hostom. B side to 803 is just what you want to hear on the flip side. The series itself has a unique story to their releases. The first three releases have the symbol of the golden ratio (used a lot in art and architecture). The number of this golden ratio is 1.61803398875. If you take the three numbers from the golden ratio and add YYY before, you find the order of the releases. (161, 803, 398, 875). Each release also has a specific color:白 (white) 黒 (black) 金 (gold).

By Andrej, edited on 05 June 2018