Back to black: 7 must have pieces when going to a rave

From its origins in the metal, rock and grunge scene, the color black has had its revival in 2016’s electronic music community. Apparently, techno is now all about black, right? Ok, then let’s have a look at the 7 must-have pieces for you:

Leather jacket: populated in the era of rock and roll and it has earned its status as an iconic piece of clothing. From James Dean to today’s fashionistas, ravers, and DJs. No good outfit is completed without it, or as a friend of mine would say if asked why he’s always in his black jacket (sometimes even inside), he’d say, ‘cuz its techno’.

Sneakers: when going out to a party, you’ll probably dance for hours, so you got to stay comfy. What better way of doing that, than putting on a pair of good old sneakers, preferably a pair of trendy Nikes (Airforce or Roshe). Now you’re ready to dance till the Sun comes out!

Sunglasses: I probably don’t have to emphasize the benefits of putting on a pair of sunglasses, especially at a rave. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s best you see for yourself. If nothing else, one looks way cooler with a pair nice shades.   


Hats: continuing with accessories, hats are slowly but surely burring their way back in our closets. Most popular are new era hats and floppy hats. Even their older brother from the ’90s, the bucket hat, is making its comeback in the latest collections of some of the most popular urban brands right now (hopefully not for long).

Ripped jeans: first becoming popular in the ’80s and later worn by icons like Curt Cobain, trough the heavy metal/grunge era in the ’90s/’00s, ripped jeans are seen nowadays at almost every techno/house party. Personally, I love this trend, especially the high twisted ones. For me they’re super comfortable and I think you can easily style up every outfit with them. They’re definitely a must-have.  

Backpacks: when going to a party, you want to feel free to dance and move around, not worrying about your personal stuff. This little trend is ideal for that! Backpacks are huge right now, you can find them in all sizes, models, and colors, but if you want to go all techno you should stick with the basics: a black boopack will do the trick. The only downside I’d like to mention here – the backpack can easily transform itself into a vortex leading to another universe, absorbing all the stuff you put in it and spitting it out randomly, usually the thing you need the most as last.  


Long cardigans: bringing back the hippie vibe, long cardigans of all forms are irreplaceable in a combination with a short jacket, appropriate for both men and women ... and I can’t get enough of them.  


This one is additional. You probably know the feeling, when you’re at a fully packed club and the air-conditioning kinda sucks. Here’s a smart solution for you – a fan! It’s light, compact and gives you that fresh summer breeze you long for. Ok, I’m exaggerating, but it really helps you cool down a bit ... or at least gives you the feeling of doing that. Problem solvd


But, because life is not always black and white, you should wear whatever you feel like, as long as you have fun. Enjoy, love, rave on!

N. P.

By Severin, edited on 26 May 2018