Bastion to re-release self-titled LP via ACC Records

ACC Records is proud to present the reissue of Bastion’s self-titled LP, one of the most scintillating and coveted records of the Yugoslav mid-80's.

The album was originally recorded in Skopje back in 1983 and released a year later via state-owned PGP-RTB. Bastion is the only remaining document of the short but extremely sweet collaboration between singer-actress Ana Kostovska, composer and musician Kiril Džajkovski, bassist Ljubomir Stojsavljević and film director Milcho Manchevski. It was one of the first electronic bands in the Republic of Macedonia – hailed by the press as “Macedonian electropop sensation”. The four young artists crafted a unique eclectic blend of different genres combining it into glamorous synth-wave influenced pop tracks. Bastion explores the width of musical variety with womanly waves such as “Hollywood” and “Mister Kompleks” which flows into the dark electronic landscapes of “Deca Sunca” and “Mesec u Šolji”, while “Molitva” lifts the record into a soulful, torch-lit, and typically Macedonian mysticism. Across the record, Džajkovski’s luscious, sparkling synths and Stojsavljević’s dexterous bass tease mixed with Kostovska’s vocals, chants and coos her way in and out of one of the freshest, most surprising records to have ever come out of Eastern Europe.

Bastion - Bastion LP

ACC Records is a new imprint born out of Flora Pitrolo’s radio show A Colder Consciousness, broadcasting since 2011 on Resonance FM (London) and Kanal 103 (Skopje). Mirroring the show’s archival appetite for the more opaque facets of the electronic 1980s, the label’s future releases include previously unheard French minimal synth for film, romantic Italian industrial, and some bleakly club-oriented experimental electronic music from contemporary London. "Through this Skopje-London collaboration and extensive digging into interesting synth and electronic archives, including those of Ex-Yugoslavia, it became natural to try and re-release Bastion, a classic Macedonian new wave/synth record which has become extremely rare and expensive – but it's also very beautiful and interesting, and we want people to be able to hear it. In a collaboration with Kiril Džajkovski who wrote the music, we've decided to remastered it, made new cover art and put it out on vinyl in 500 copies only." - Flora Pitrolo Tracklist A1 Hollywood (4.32) A2 Deca Sunca (3.26) A3 A Hot Day In Mexico (4.38) A4 Mesec U Šolji (5.06) B1 Mister Kompleks (4.03) B2 Lica U Ogledalu (4.22) B3 Molitva (4.28) B4 Boja (3.06)

By Saša, edited on 30 May 2018