Baunzz! released EP on Blacksoul Music

The "Baunzz!" duo was founded in the summer of 2010, in a town of Sombor, Serbia. Boris Horvat and Nenad Dakitch teamed up, with a goal of finding "Jack the Housekeeper", creating positive vibes and spreading the sound of the house music. Throughout these years, they've been spending countless hours in their studio creating beats and nurturing grooves. With releases on labels such as Blacksoul Music, The Purr, Sleazy Deep,... and with support from the heavyweight DJ's such as Roger Sanchez, "Baunzz!" are proving to be on the right path. 

Mare De Sole EP

They've returned to the Croatian Blacksoul Music label with a three track EP. The opening song of the EP brings out the lovely pumping deep pads that are nicely combined with a solid groove and a warm bass-line. "Running Naked" is the second track on the list and it's built around a strong raw bass-line which is smoothly surrounded with jackin' house grooves. The closing track of this EP is another deeply orientated tune.  Soft synths and smooth bass-line are taking over the main role, while piano stabs and vocal cuts that are firmly combined with drum grooves, are perfectly doing their side role job. Overall, this is a solid deep house EP which will work nicely in the lounge areas or during the daylight pre-party routine. You can grab a promo release via Traxsource HERE.  

By Saša, edited on 13 June 2018