Beatport presents pre-order function

Beatport has been extremely active in the last couple of months. After they've successfully added new genres to their digital store, they've also selected respectful group of known DJ's, producers and label owners to categorise new entries to the website’s catalogue. We wrote about these two features in one of our older articles, which you can read HERE. Apparently Beatport has no intensions of stopping there. They've recently offered a new function on their store.


And what's this new feature? Let's have a look at what Beatport has written about it. "We now offer pre-order purchases for releases/tracks, at the discretion of the label and/or distributor. The function is optional and is not necessary if pre-order is not being offered for your content. A pre-order start date indicates the date on which customers may begin previewing and ordering content prior to its official release. Customers who pre-order content will not receive the actual assets until the original release date."

We have to say that his looks pretty decent, but it's hard to tell or either project how this new feature will affect the sales on the Beatport. We'll also see how many labels will decide to use this option and only time will tell if this is a good decision by one of the leading electronic music orientated online digital stores.

By Saša, edited on 26 May 2018