Belgrade to host three day Blender festival

Electronic music scene on the Ex-Yu area is getting bigger and better each year. One of the epicentres with loads of great clubs and parties is the Serbian capital city, Belgrade. Blender is a new brand which was created by a group of people, who were already doing successful parties in the region for the last couple of years. Their upcoming project is a three day festival with a quality house and techno program. While there are still many questions left, we do know that it will be held from 23th till 25th of February in Belgrade. The opening party for the festival will be on 15th February in club Magacin Depo with a huge superstar guest - French trio Apollonia! As for the Blender festival, they've already announced a couple of guests and we are pretty impressed. The festival will host some of the most talented DJ's and producers within house/techno underground music scene such as Baikal, Henry Saiz (live band), Mano Le Tough, Francesca Lombardo, iO (Mulen), Isolee, Janeret, Johannes Brecht, Sonja Moonear and many others. We're really excited to see more information about this festival and hopefully, we'll be able to attend it.

By Saša, edited on 05 June 2018