Raw, minimal and underground techno to celebrate "Klockworks 20"

Ben Klock, the resident of infamous Berghain, who has established modern techno label Klockworks, presents his 20th release. It's due to be released on vinyl and digital on Monday, September 25th.

Ben explains that Klockworks is known by his raw and minimal production, which is strongly felt in this release besides acidic elements and neat house grooves.

The album consists of 20 tracks, starting gently with Etapp Kyle's minimal techno track "Essay", followed by striking techno of Henser's vocal track with "Let's go" which increases the thrill of the listener. Adam's "Aphite 49" leads us through different sound layers in minimal techno. Music journey continues with dutch techno master Steve Rachmad aka Sterac.

He uses this alias for mostly industrial techno production, but this time he's included a slight touch of melancholy in "Lately". As a melancholic techno track, I would describe Jay Clark's "Perdita", while Heiko Laux and Subtract focused more on minimal techno. Album calms down with ROD's melodic rhythms. We must not pass by label owner, Ben Klock himself, who signed his track simply by the number of his upcoming release, "Twenty".

He left us impressed with his raw beats and minimal tempo.

DVS1 continues with minimal techno and we can feel his versatile skills and infectious energy through the beats of "In The Middle". Next on the roster is Trevino, one of the best, now already the deceased producer, presenting "Sombre Tones", which shows his very neat and raw house music style. Very fresh with raw darker beats continues Georgian female artist Newa.

In her "Dance of the Warrior", we hear a proper quality minimal techno with lots of acid elements. Acid inserts are key also in Reus's "Acid Mono". Dax J touches us in "Late Night Mistresspical" with his typical industrial techno style. Raw techno with stronger beats continues at High Position's "Cops" and Flux Troy. The album finishes with Yoikol's minimal rhythms presented in "Dense" and little more softer and sentimental Vincent's "How I Feel".

You can listen to snippets of the whole album below.


A1 / 1. Etapp Kyle – Essay A2 / 2. Jon Hester – Let's Go B1 / 3. Adam Craft – Aphite 49 B2 / 4. Sterac – Lately C1 / 5. Ben Klock – Twenty D1 / 6. DVS1 – In The Middle D2 / 7. Trevino – Sombre Tones E1 / 8. Newa – Dance Of The Warrior F1 / 9. Dax J – Late Night Mistress F2 / 10. ROD – Extra G1 / 11. Sterac – Scientific Methods H1 / 12. Troy – Flux H2 / 13. Heiko Laux – Dark Fader I1 / 14. Jay Clarke – Perdita I2 / 15. Ritzi Lee – Substract J1 / 16. Reus – Acid Modo J2 / 17. High Position – Cops K1 / 18. Yoikol – Dense K2 / 19. Adam Craft – Pacelane L1 / 20. Vincent – How I Feel

The 3-double EP package, which features artwork by Ben Klock, is available for purchase directly from the Klockworks webshop, as individual double EPs or as a bundle. You can preorder it HERE.

By Blaz, edited on 13 June 2018