Berlin nightlife through the eyes of Felix Scheinberger

The first rule of Berlin clubbing is that photography is prohibited.

Rightfully so. The reason for this is simple: without photography, people feel completely free and can be as freaky as they like. This gave 47-year old illustrations professor Felix Scheinberger an idea: “why not just bring a pad, a drawing pencil, and some watercolor?” Soon, Scheinberger was off to various Berlin nightclubs like Berghain, Insomnia, and Kit Kat Club, drawing different interesting people he’d meet during his artistic adventures, usually within a time span of three to five minutes.

“Back in the day, I used to draw cleaner”, he recalls. “But the older I get, the faster I draw. It’s like playing an instrument, you need some time to learn how to play it fast.”

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By Marko, edited on 30 May 2018