Beton Records Is a Slovenian label, founded by Jizah, a journalist and longtime organizer of different music events throughout Ljubljana and Slovenia. On his own, he's established artists like N'toko and Klemen Klemen. Long time ago, when N'toko was still working in the wardrobe of Gala Hala club, him and Jizah were talking about how N'toko already had some recorded tracks but  was clueless of where to release them. So that's when the idea about the record label first came about.

"The idea about the label was sheer coincidence. Back then N'toko was still working in wardrobe in Gala Hala club. He was recording tracks but never knew where to release them. So we created Beton Records."

The label has been active since 2010 and has released 10 albums from 5 different artists. These were Moveknowledgement, N'Toko, Blaž, .čunfa and Unknown. N'toko's "Parada Ljubezni" (Love Parade) was the vinyl of the year selected by critics from the newspaper "Nedeljski Dnevnik" and Radio Student, Slovenia.

Major success was also achieved by Moveknowledgement, with two of his albums "Pump Down" (2011) and "See" (2014) becoming albums of the year selected by critics of Radio Student and Mladina magazine. The mentality of Beton Records is to promote good material. The main idea of the label is that all of the young artists (.čunfa), totally unknown to the world have a platform to express themselves through it and be as artistically free as they can be.


The latest label release is a compilation called "Giro" The purpose of this compilation was primarily to collect 10 Slovenian seaside producers that form the curretn image of beat and electronic music. Gramatik, FLO, .čunfa, Žiga Murko, 2xp, Blaž, Whynnel, zuann, Gregabytes and Luxas were the ones making the cut. The terms under which these 10 songs were to be presented by these artists are to be extending wider from beat music. The initiator and curator of this compilation is Blaž, who is one of the most prominent beat-making producers.

He explains, that beat-making mostly consists of producers, who grew up listening to hip-hop music. The first song comes from worldwide known Gramatik, who currently works and lives in the United States. His participation in the compilation can be seen as an evidence of him always monitoring his younger adherents and their projects, who are (needless to say) unique and very talented each in their own way. The label is soon expecting to drop a new release from an exciting new name, a producer called Šuljo.

By Marko, edited on 30 May 2018