Bon Vivant Ltd. with its third release

French vinyl only label Bon Vivant Ltd., which was created by Andrades and Sakro, will start 2018 with a fresh four track VA release. The relatively young label released its first record back in 2016 with EP that contained two originals from each owner. While Sakro had a remarkable 2017, the label took an easier approach releasing only one vinyl last year.

Bon Vivant 3 VA

"Inside A Dream" is a tune produced by a Brasilian artist Apoena. The solid groove is layered with mellow pads and filtered piano chords which are backed up by a stabby bass. Vocal add-ons and trumpet riffs are providing the track with smooth latin flavour. Mexican producer Miguel Puente put his fingers on a track called "Dharma Beach". Swingy rhythm is driven forward by a sub bass and background pads which float in and out making space for catchy vocal phrases. B side is reserved for two Argentinian producers, Brandub & Cape.

"33 Machine" was written by Brandub and he delivered pure grooves mixed with constant tension presented by dubby melodics. The last tune on the record is called "Who Has" and it includes minimalistic sounds mixed with fluid drum patterns. Random glitchy noises and sirens are shaped nicely adding a fair dose of unpredictability.

Bon Vivant Ltd. continues to explore the depth of house and deep house sounds based on pure grooves. The labels third release will be available via all major online vinyl shops from 29th January onwards.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018