BPM festival announces first round of lineup

A famous BPM festival, which is located on tremendous Playa Del Carmen in Mexico, will celebrate its 10th anniversary. It's one of those festivals, where every DJ wants to play and where every raver wants to go. Some may even say that if you want to experience the energy and the vibe of Ibiza island on its prime time, than BPM festival is definitely a place to be. Beautiful beaches, incredible lineup, sunny weather and unlimited dose of Tequila shots are the reason why you should book your plane ticket for the second week in January 2017, that is when this notorious festival is happening. So to embrace this respectful milestone, they've decided to go "all-in" with an incredible lineup. There isn't many festivals that can brag around with 300+ acts on their roster, and that is also why BPM is special. We advice you to watch few after movies and start saving money for this wicked adventure.

"After Movie 2015"

 And of course, don't forget to check out the lineup list where you'll probably find you favourite DJ,... or all of them!  

By Saša, edited on 13 June 2018