Butik festival reveals 1st phase lineup for 2020 edition

Butik festival, one of the best-kept-secrets of last year’s summer action is back with its 2nd edition. The premier event, which happened in 2019, saw DJs such as Raresh, Guy J, Etapp Kyle, Cassy, Janeret, Nur Jaber, Priku and many others perform at this exquisite location. The diverse lineup mixed with an amazing atmosphere brought more than 1200 dancers from all around the globe to the stunning Soča Valley location in Tolmin, Slovenia. The second installment of the festival will be happening from the 17th till the 19th of July, and it’ll bring some of the industry’s finest talents combined with local up-and-comers to this idyllic landscape.


The festival is located in Soča Valley, one of the most attractive and well-hidden Slovenian destinations. The festival area is located near the town of Tolmin on the confluence of two emerald-green rivers – Soča and Tolminka. The day and night festive activities will be spread across multiple indoor and outdoor venues, which will help partygoers experience an exclusive adventure. Besides the rich musical program, the attendees will once again be able to enjoy the local culinary cuisine, different sports activities, social events, and workshops.

This year, the organizers dug even deeper to curate the perfect lineup. It combines the best from both worlds – established international guests and local talents. The second edition will host artists Sonja Moonear, Terence Fixmer, Andrey Pushkarev, Cinthie, Sweely (Live), SPFDJ, Jensen Interceptor, Youandewan, Michelle (Live) and Nite Fleit!

Butik festival wouldn’t be perfect without a strong supporting cast, which consists of local and worldwide talents. Eliaz (live), Josh Rawl, Massai, Mayell, Schrauff, SunnySun, Vassallo, Tzena, Disco Durum, and Jaša Bužinel & Blažen DJ are just some of the acts that will be presenting their music on the festival.

The super early bird tickets were already sold out but you can still get your early bird tickets at an exclusive price of 44€. You can get your tickets HERE.

By Saša, edited on 10 January 2020