Carl Cox in a new electronic music documentary

When it comes to the underground electronic music scene, Carl Cox was probably one of the highlights of the year 2016. His last year at the iconic Space Ibiza club was full of emotions and incredible moments. They've captured these in another documentary called "Space Is The Place", which was produced together with Resident Advisor in order to give this legendary club another monument.

They Call It Acid

Cox will be soon sharing his thoughts in another new documentary - They Call It Acid. As the title already suggests, the movie will be focused on the acid house scene and its journey from the early beginnings in mid 80's and to the point where it already became an established genre. The movie was narrated by Robert Owens and music produced by Evil Eddie Richards. Besides Carl Cox there will also be other big DJ names featuring in this documentary such as Alfredo, Noel Gallagher, A Guy Called Gerald, Marshall Jefferson, Jazzy M, Derrick May, Paul Oakenfold, Graeme Park, Jesse Saunders, Pete Tong, Noel Watson and many others. Gordon Mason started this project more than a decade ago and he was filming a lot of materials by himself. The release date isn't available yet, while they're still trying to get the proper funding of the project.

By Saša, edited on 13 June 2018