Carlos Sanchez to release EP on Wax Isgud

Isgud Records was established back in 2008 by respected artists Tania Vulcano & Tomas Estaben (Tato) with a goal to promote quality house and techno music. Eight years later, they've decided to create another two vinyl-only sub-labels. WAX ISGUD is promoting quality and unique original content while GUDWAX is reserved for edits. WAX ISGUD had their first release this summer by 2vilas and the second release came a few months later by the label's boss Tato. The labels third release will be from Gran Canarian talent, Carlos Sanchez. We've already written a little bit about him in one of our previous reviews which you can read HERE. With a short but intense career, Carlos has released on various respected labels such as 8bit, Poker Flat, Suruba X, … and he also got support from superstar DJ’s such as John Digweed, Steve Lawler, Laurent Garnier, Luciano, Ricardo Villalobos, Dyed Soundorom and others.

Gap EP with Janeret Remix

Carlos Sanchez is debuting on WAX ISGUD with a three-track vinyl only release. "A" side of the copy is reserved for both originals while "B" side is reserved for Janeret remix. "Gap" is the opening track of this EP and it's a lovely introduction from Carlos. The track has a solid drum groove that is surrounded with melodic cuts and stabs, while random vocal samples and dirty hi-hats are giving the track just the right amount of dynamics. "A2" track is called "Shift That Rule" and it's a lot deeper than the first one. The groove is a bit easy and laid back, which gives the track more "dub" feeling to it. We really dig the shuffling hats which are a nice contrast to the more darker melodics. French producer Janeret took over the remix duties on this EP. He reworked the first track of the vinyl.

While the original track has more power and groove, the remix is a bit deeper. We really like how Janeret gave the melodics more space and presence, which gives it a slight timeless feel to it. It's definitely one of those tracks that are just perfect for daylight parties or extended after-hours. It's not a coincidence that we've written another review about Carlos Sanchez's music. It's the quality that stands out for us and his latest EP is no exception. We're pretty sure that this release will be essential and heard all around from big clubs to small intimate venues, at least we'd play it there. The date is yet to be revealed so make sure, that you pay attention to their FB page for more details.

By Saša, edited on 15 June 2018