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Premiering tracks from around the world on our SoundCloud.
Premiere: Airbas - After Hours (Philipp Wolf Remix)
Released via The Purr

The Purr music from Serbia delivers Philipp Wolf's remix from their next release that due in Monday via Beatport. After Hours EP is a smooth package that's full of progressive...

Premiere: Artes - Rephase
Released via Pathway Traxx

Pathway Traxx is pleased to announce the first release of a new sister label named OFFPath. OFFPath will be a purely VA outlet which will allow the label to release a different type of music they often receive - but couldn't release until now. We're happy to present a premiere of the track Rephase prod...

Premiere: Yvel & Tristan - Eridanus
Released via Exotic Refreshment

Hungarian duo Yvel & Tristian will release a new EP on Exotic Refreshment titled Eridanus. Two original tracks Holdem and Eridanus stay inside the melodic techno sound that is marked with haunting pads and quirky melodies and a straightforward arrangement. Remixes by Elfenberg and Debal Sommer take a different approach as th...

Premiere: Kepler. - Fusion
Released via Daydream

Daydream is a French label focused on forceful groovy house music that releases music exclusively on wax. They seek to offer an intelligent and efficient vision of house music in order to provide perfect DJ cuts. The forthcoming fourth vinyl proves they also aim to deliver. Kepler.'s track Fusion

Premiere: Hibrid - Sanjam (Ivna Ji Remix)
Released via Submarine Vibes


Premiere: Ilija Rudman - Elastica
Released via Imogen Recordings

Ilija Rudman, one of Croatia's leading underground forces in disco and house scene for the past 15 years, in both production as well as Djing. He brings together his love for pure analog sounds without compromises boo& mixes it up with boogie. This week Ilija Rudman delivers his 3rd Studio Album on Imogen Recordings

Premiere: Sijah - Nina
Released via Submarine Vibes

On their 55th release, Submarine Vibes continue to sail and explore the sea of music. This time, after receiving the great support for the last release, called New Earth, they present a new Various Sub Sampler. Compiled of tracks from artists such as Sijah, Brlee, Adventure Tale, Max Tenrom and Vini Pistori. From deep, tech to c...

Premiere: Oskar Szafraniec feat. Very Addictive - Borderline
Released via Closed Circuits

Berlin-based Gel Abril kicks off his new Closed Circuits label in a full form presenting a strong record by talented Polish artist Oskar Szafraniec, a crafted producer, known by his latest 12’’on Rawax with Ricardo Villalobos, EPs on Murge Recordings, Cyclo or collaborations with Pier Bucci. For the ...

Premiere: Julien Sandre - Metis
Released via House on Wax

Our next exclusive premiere hails from Italian based producer, DJ and label owner, Julien Sandre, who has also found himself collaborating with Mennie in a successful duo Jarau. His forthcoming release will be out via

Premiere: FPC - Listen
Released via floridapartycuts


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