Cinthie launches new imprint with her solo EP

Cinthie has been one of the most prominent acts within current Berlin electronic music scene. With already owning & co-owning a string of labels such as Beste Modus, we_r_house and Unison Wax, the German multi-tasking maestro has decided to add one more imprint to the list. When not running labels, Cinthie is also holding a residency at one of the finest Berlin venues Watergate and she also recently opened a new record store in Friedrichshain, Elevate. The birth of her new project Crystalgrooves is set to early October when Cinthie herself will release a three-track solo EP.

Cinthie - 803 Crystalgrooves 001

803 Crystalgrooves will stand as a platform for her own material edging towards more classic, raw House sounds in contrast to the deeper more stripped back sounds heard across the other labels.

"Together" is the lead tune on the package and it instantly shows the direction where the label is headed. Stripped down groove layered with funky bass-line and shiny organ chords definitely bring out the lovely 90's memories. The second track on the EP follows the similar vibe with strong disco statement written all over it. "Ada Lovelace" hold 4/4 groove based on low fundamentals and powerful main hook built of strings, chords and horns. A type of tune that would easily bring life back to the dance-floor. 

The last track on the release works as a contrast to the previous two with a bit deeper mood. "No Need To Work" is built on darker pads and stabs which have a really nice depth and work smoothly with light swingy hi-hats. Simple yet powerful, something we could say for the whole package.

Cinthie has no intention of stopping or playing low and her new imprint Crystalgrooves just proves that. Three solid grooves that will surely be appreciated amongst house heads around the world. The release is set to early October and it'll be available as 12" only. 

By Saša, edited on 30 August 2018