K4 presents Gibanica compilation that praises local talents

One of the most legendary Slovenian clubs has recently revealed their second compilation that features local talents and their music. "Gibanica" started as a series of events in K4 that aims to present the untold stories of the domestic underground scene. The first compilation was published last year and it gathered quite an interest. This year's edition, which was curated by Luka Lah, Štefan Cerjak & Tine Vrabič, brought 13 tracks which span across multiple genres exploring the mystical and dusty corners of electronic music.

Gibanica 002 

We're starting our journey with London based artist Graylow and his glitchy "Ethereal" tune. He modulated different sounds to create this minimalistic yet dynamic piece. Quasar and his tune "II IX" follows Ambiental mood with organic drums and mellow background pads. "Continents" produced by 1983 is another prolific tune with a natural approach. Simple drum groove is layered with lovely hang drum sounds that go along perfectly with the track's title.

Mint delivered track "House Scena" which doesn't really follows its headline. Cracking noises are gathered into the unusual 4/4 beat that is occasionally surrounded by random element hits and snaps. "Compte" was written by TizTiz and this tune brings up a bit more casual mood. Yet again, the organic ingredients took over the structure with lovely bells and percussions. Spacy synths holds the tension throughout the tune. AIA adds soft DnB rhythms with his "Space Love" track. The simple groove is layered with rumbling sub-bass, glassy congas and crunchy synths. "Ars Ritmikah" produced by LxS follows the compilation's structure which is focused towards non-classical 4/4 grooves. His techno cut is based on breakbeat drive that is combined with darker ambient pads and swingy hi-hat patterns.

Terranigma is a fresh new project run by Freeverse and his tune "Breaks 1" includes a 90's influenced mixture of jungle and electro. E.B.King worked on the tune "King Buffalo Heart Giant". Electro groove is lead by a stabby bass-line and 808 sounds that are tuned with pluck melodic sounds. "Slide" by U-N is a more club-friendly tune with four to the floor groove which is nicely transferred into breaks during a breakdown. A bit heavier processing on elements gives a rough but smooth feeling.

Timequake produced tune "Blossom" which includes nice melodic progression lead by soft rhythm. Dubby synths are pleasantly combined with a laidback groove on "Epsilon Indi" which was made by Electrosaurus. Last but not least, is a tune called "7" written by Tonske. The atmospheric intro is sucked out of the stratosphere with dynamic synths and thick drum groove.

The second "Gibanica" compilation travelled way deeper, through various genres and textures. We would like to see more club-friendly music on the next compilation and hopefully, more of these will lead to creating a label which a respectful club as K4, should already have.

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By Saša, edited on 30 May 2018