Creative platform INDE faces difficulties

In times when global creative (electronic) community is facing real difficulties - we shouldn't forget about the local problems that are happening in front of our noses. Right now Koper's INDE platform faces major difficulties. This is their story. On the 5th of October 2014, a group of young people decided they no longer want to be a part of the problem, but want to become a part of a solution.

They spontaneously self-organized and occupied part of the large area at the long-abandoned and dilapidated factory INDE Koper. Decades ago this factory walls gave room to different companies employing handicapped people under the guise of social inclusion and integration, but the real purpose was mostly the profit for the owners. What since the very early onset of the »young Slovenian capitalism« used to be a space for economic exploitation, they liberated with their labor and ideas and turned into a space for solidarity, respect and autonomy.

With this act they took the future into their hands. Now two years old creative platform INDE is in front of a major problem. DUTB ("bad bank") under the illusion of removing the toxic asbestos wants to evict the community from the factory where INDE resides. For the sole purpose of selling the property for few millions eur.

In last two years INDE re-organized the community and organized more than 300 well attended events. Amongst others, there were a lot of electronic events that pushed mostly techno, dubstep and psytrance sounds. All of the evidences show that the region needs space like INDE for its cultural significance that shouldn't prevail above the capital in this already heavily industrial occupied city. While the whole subject about the future of INDE is ironically political & spiced up with the question of public interest, it's on the other hand also very straightforward - the only way the place will remain functional is through involvement.

In times when places like INDE are not recognized for its cultural and social values, when they're moved or removed from or to different locations, when they have to make it work without a penny of government funding, when they're constantly under the attack - then the only real change can happen through complete involvement. Act. We believe that this is only the beginning.

What can you do?

  • educate yourself & others on the subject
  • visit INDE or email them here
  • call local authorities and show support
  • share this article

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Visit INDE website here or their facebook page.


By SolvdMag, edited on 27 June 2018