Ever heard of Crowdmix?

Crowdmix is an innovative and one of most talked about new start-ups in the music industry. A brand new social platform that centres around music, ‘Crowdmix is a disruptive new social platform that aims to connect the world through music,’ the website states.

So, how exactly does it work?

Their social music platform, presented as a smartphone app which works as the ‘Instagram for music’, allows users to discover music through friends, and friends through music, allows artists and talent to reach existing and new fans and allows brands a new and exciting place to engage and entertain music fans. Their smartphone app, which will be published sometime this year, will present users with a feed of posts from other users including 2,000 ‘influencers’ including major artists and celebrities, who can share music and other updates. The platform will potentially create new revenue streams for artists and talent, as well as actionable data, and unrivalled fan engagement. Essentially, Crowdmix hinges on the universally recognized factor of building a community around similar music tastes. Remember that saying: ‘If someday we all go to jail for downloading music I just hope they split us by the music genre.’ It’s basically going to look exactly like that, minus the prison thing.

Is this the new big thing, will it be more revolutionary than Spotify?

Crowdmix is a group of fairly significant and skilled music professionals working hard to deliver this project. One thing is certain: they have massive artist names backing them and the UK company has raised £14 million ($21 million) in 2015 alone and says it’s in the process of raising another $20 million‑$30 million this year. Rob Wells was appointed as the chief commercial officer after leaving his position as ‘president of global digital business’ after 15 years at the worlds biggest record label Universal Music Group. Social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter boast hundreds of millions of users, but music sharing makes up a tiny proportion of activity. Meanwhile, established services like Spotify and iTunes have added social features, but with mixed success. ‘There are established music services but they are trying to squeeze the conversation around it; nobody’s constructed a service around music,’ said Mr Wells. Stay tuned for more developments from Crowdmix, hopefully, more info is coming really soon. 

By Andrej, edited on 01 June 2018