Dave Smith Instruments with a new synth

Dave Smith Instruments are one of the leading manufacturers of hardware and software gear that is highly used by musicians around the globe. Their products such as drum machine Tempest and synthesizers OB, Prophet or Pro 2, are essential tools in studios for quite some time now. Recently, they've launched a brand new synth called Rev 2. The Rev 2 is quite similar to the Prophet 08, with same voice and filter but with better price and some nice extras. This 16 voices poly synth greatly expands the potential complexity of stacked patches and allows users to split sounds across the keyboard. There will also be a cheaper, 8-voice version and owners of the Prophet 08 will be able to download their patches to the Rev 2. The synth will be available in a couple of months with a price of $1999 for the 16-voice version and $1499 for the 8-voice version. 

By Saša, edited on 29 May 2018