Daydream presents 6th release from MJOG

French label is focused on forceful groovy house music delivered exclusively on 12". The Daydream imprint seeks to offer an intelligent and efficient vision of electronic music in order to provide perfect DJ cuts. With every release, the record label is building a diverse roster of vinyl lovers passionate by strong beats, spacey sounds and bouncy rhythms. Max Casebolt, Liou, Kepler, The Willers Brothers, Casey Spillman, Worker Union and Stevn.aint.leavn. are just some of the acts that have previously worked with Daydream. The labels 6th release comes from MJOG, a French man who's been a part of Daydream since its early beginnings back in 2016.


A-side holds the "Trust First" which introduces a smooth groove based on sub-low-end fundamentals and swingy drum pattern. Melodic synths and pads are spread across the frequency spectrum creating the casual flow and whole-round movement. Then there's also a few vocal phrases from Barack Obama which works as a lovely filler.

"Brainwave" is the first track on B side. The slightly more minimalistic groove is lead by dubby stabs and background pads. The theme in this record shows that simple can in many cases beat complex and that's what this track is all. The last one follows a bit deeper mood with pulsating mellow pads and rumbling bass. The drum kick has its own rhythm which suits perfectly the spacious delayed stabs and crunchy hats. "Pacific Dream" certainly takes you on a pleasant journey throughout the sky.

Daydream continues to deliver strong releases which Trust First EP from MJOG definitely is. It's a perfect blend of club-friendly music with a slight touch of sophisticated grooves. This one will hit all vinyl online stores within the next couple of months.

By Saša, edited on 24 September 2018