Daydream presents the labels fourth release

French label Daydream aims to deliver an intelligent and efficient vision of house music in order to provide perfect DJ cuts. Daydream focuses on presenting forceful groovy house music exclusively on wax. The imprint had their first release about a year ago and it featured artists such as MJOG, The Black Tone, Barletta, Barrow and few others. Their latest release is a four-track VA that includes tunes from some of the uprising talents including Max Casebolt, Liou, Kepler. and The Willers Brothers.

Daydream - VA

Max Casebolt, a UK based producer, had the privilege to deliver an opening piece on the package. "Kate" is a record build on a smooth low end which is lead by rumbling bass line. A solid groove is nicely combined with levitating pads and glitchy pads while vocal phrases give a dose of personal touch. "Catnip" was produced by Greek artist Liou who brought sweet deep influenced vibes spiced with a touch of acid flavour. While drum pattern produces simple rhythm, it is the atmospheric background that brings joy to the track.

B-side is reserved for two UK acts. Kepler produced a dubby formed record called "Fusion" which pleasantly blends strong grooves and subtle ambient touch. Shuffling rhythm is embraced by mellow pad which keeps the tension throughout the tune and therefore gives balance to the lower frequencies. The courtesy of the last song belongs to The Willers Brothers which successfully presented their stripped down grooves in a tune entitled "Move Back". The bass line is the main driving force pushing the track forward while softly processed synth stabs introduces positive vibes.

This was the first release from Daydream that caught our attention and it definitely won't be the last one. The VA will be available in the next couple of months, so make sure you check their web page for specific release date HERE.

By Saša, edited on 13 June 2018