Dejan Milićević with B-Ware & Danijel Skuzin at Taboo Club Zagreb

Following a three track release, ''Sneaky Plans'' via Berlin's label Plastic City, Belgrade based techno icon Dejan Milićević is taking over Zagreb's club Taboo on Friday 24th November.

Every weekend, Taboo Club Zagreb offers a ''getaway'' from everyday life and introduces another dimension of musical and technical entertainment. This Friday 24th November, club's decks will belong to infamous regional DJ superstar Dejan Milićević, accompanied by local talents B-Ware and Danijel Skuzin.

In 2014 Dejan launched his own vinyl-digital label called Tit Zero Recordings, hitting the first EP with legendary DJ Rush on the microphone. Since then his label has been promoting young producers from Balkan region and Dejan is still sharing his knowledge and giving young talents necessary support.

Find more about the event HERE.

By Matic, edited on 30 May 2018