Jan Kincl Zero and Borut Cvajner on Tit Zero’s "Muscae Volitantes VA"

Introducing the new edition of the Tit Zero Recordings called "Muscae Volitantes V.A". Imprint’s owner is one of the most famous producers of our region - Dejan Milicevic. On this occasion, he's sought inspiration in combining fresh and talented young techno forces from our territories.

Previously releasing with Tit Zero Recordings are mostly regional producers such as Manjane and John Belk from Serbia, Goran Kan hailing from Macedonia and globally renowned techno legend DJ Rush appearing on one of Dejan Milicevic’s own tracks.

Tit05 V.A. Muscae Volitantes

Guests of the fifth edition are well-known names on the Croatian scene - Jan Kincl Zero and Borut Cvajner as well as Daniel Kevic from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Time and time again these producers masterfully demonstrate how to make quality techno. Mixed with deeper vibes and some acid sprinkled over it it's perfectly rounded and dancefloor-ready. Buy the VA on Beatport

By Andrej, edited on 05 June 2018