DGTL Festival 2019 highlights

For 3 days, between August 23 and 25, in Barcelona, ​​approximately according to official sources, 30,000 faithful have attended one of the most powerful events of world avant-garde techno!

Performances such as those of TALE OF US, TIGA, DUBFIRE, SETH TROXLER, MARCEL DETTMANN, HENRIK SCHWARZ, DJ HARVEY, MARCO CAROLA, BARNT & FLÛGEL, AXEL BOMAN among others, have flooded Barcelona with the best avant-garde electronics claiming the rave spirit and projecting the Techno towards a completely promising future.

Marta Sablonier gathered her thoughts and she curated a list of her favorite acts on this years DGTL Festival in Barcelona. 

"SATORI live"

SATORI gives off illumination, it is the moment not-mind. There is no past or future only vibrant notes that resonate within you. He builds sound trips that make you transcend. With its keyboards and bases that are marking the way, it takes you to endless possibilities that elevate the electronics to other dimensions! His LIVE reached our soul!


The heavyweight master does not need an extra introduction and besides being a DJ and producer, Chris is also a radio speaker (and vegan)! He is unique when it comes to reading the dance floor. He stands as the guardian in the rye safeguarding the bluntest techno, sometimes dark, sometimes bright. For us, DGTL has brought Hurricane Chris!


He left us breathless! he gave us a tremendous LIVE performance, orchestrating his synths, drum machines, and a supersonic modular system which Colin wanted to give all the prominence by placing it in front of the public. According to experts Recio Cervantes; “Modular systems endow the artist of complete freedom to realize the interconnection between the diverse parts that compose the synthesizer”. At times, when the trip was so liberating and wild, Colin turned around to make sure he wasn't dreaming, because what happened on Friday night on the Generator stage was a real feat! 


To put it in a simple context; she stole our hearts! She played just before Colin Beaders. The most rebellious Techno princess! We were captivated by her sensitivity, delicacy, and good taste. Strong charisma and certainly a young promise that has only just begun!


He surely shined with the firm pulse, precision and excellence of a surgeon! He gave us a powerful set that only masters are able to achieve. Alternating fast-paced, euphoric rhythms, sonic voids, and acid explosions. Pure poetry!


Another one that stood out for us was the great Stephan Bodzin - the German producer - who performed LIVE on the MODULAR stage gathering his faithful followers who love his hyper techno melodies that transcend borders and reflect their classic reminiscences. 


Of course, the top set of DGTL! His magic, the wizard, the master of the masters, and the Genius of Techno in its origins; Mr. JEFF MILLS! On Friday night we listened to his epic track that survives in time "The Bells" and we enjoyed memorable moments when he unleashed his creative ability and flooded the GENERATOR stage by hitting absolutely syncopated electronic beats! 

By Saša, edited on 17 September 2019