Dirty Doering on Obonjan and his new album

Hedonistic Dalmatian isle of Obonjan is closing its third season of operations with The Island Festival, that will take place between 3rd and 8th of September. This boutique German project will host artists such as Adana Twins, Magdalena, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Dominik Eulberg, Sven Weisemann, Tiefschwarz, Animal Trainer, Oliver Koletzki and Dirty Doering, who just released his new studio album. Velten has made his name as part of Berlin scene, especially with his parties at Ostgut and Bar 25 and by running Katermukke label. His new album Euch die Uhren Uns die Zeit (»You've got the watches, we've got the time«) is a mixture of dancefloor techno and house with a couple of electronic gems for easy listening on top of it.

This album is a concept and a statement at the same time. Is it also "your cry for help"? As an in-demand DJ, you are caught in certain schedules and I’m not sure if you’re more about (following) watches or (enjoying) time.

I’m not crying for help. When I decided to do an album, I was looking for the time to do that. I realized that I had more time in the past when I haven’t been travelling so much. At those days I had more time to go to the studio. So I simply changed my idea of making music only in the studio and started making music when I travel. At least I started to save the ideas I have while being on the road. On weekends I have to follow the watch. Everything has to be in time. My flights, gigs, sleep, eating and even having a conversation is about time. During the week when I am not travelling I try to enjoy the time.

Is there a certain way to really get the best out of listening to this album?

Yes, to listen to it from the beginning till the end.

You are spending German winters in South Africa. Why did you choose that destination particularly and what attracts you there?

It’s simply the fact that there is summer when on another side, it is grey winter here in Germany. Also, it’s the same time zone, so no jet lag to deal with and a lot of suns, food, nice people and I have friends that live there.

Is this your getaway from work and music or you also take time to follow what’s going on in (South) African electronic music scene (I think I can hear a pinch of Africa in a couple of tracks), which is one of the hottest stories right now.

You are right... the music scene there is evolving and very interesting! I'm always searching for new talents, even when I am on holidays. As a result of that, I signed tracks of numerous South African artists to Katermukke, like Lady M, Stab Virus, Kostakis, Apple Gule and Strange Loving.

Why is The Island Festival on Obonjan island one of this summer’s festivals you are looking forward to and what has stayed in your memory from last year’s edition?

The island is amazing and the party isn’t going for 24 hours. You have plenty of time to relax and enjoy the nature. Something I'm looking forward to. Combining work and holiday is one of the best things I can imagine!

Anything else we should be aware of regarding your projects?

I don’t want to break the news too early, therefore stay tuned and you will see a lot of amazing things coming up!

By Gregor, edited on 28 August 2018