#fashion: DISCIPLINA concept store is hosting MATINEES with local DJs

Belgrade street style brand DISCIPLINA does not stop charming fans of comfortable and untouched street fashion with its authentic fashion expression. Since the end of last year, they've started hosting matinees including local and regional DJs.

The first association to the word DISCIPLINA is something strict and somewhat tense, but the brand that lies behind its name tells a completely different story. The young Serbian fashion designer Ivana Davidović founded the brand in late 2015. In less than two years the brand came to life in the streets of Belgrade. Shortly after, it spread at the speed of light across the city and region.

Ivana Davidović

“I like to invent things that come to life on those who carry them and assume the character of these people, to give them time to breathe life into with their unique and personal touch.” 

DISCIPLINA as an innovative clothing brand uses thoughts and stories from the everyday life of different people with different moods. That's why the vibes come from many corners; whether its house music, disco, funk or hip-hop... it all fits the environment of this well-designed store.

Laidback shopping experience paired with good music and a touch of charity is the essential idea behind their events - MATINEES. Many regional DJs (Vuk Smiljanić, DJ Prema, FTG, SOMII, Kid KimiBege Fank, Peppe and Fedja Knajdl) have already contributed to the complete impression which goes beyond the usual and expected. It just sits perfectly in line with the narrative of the brand. DISCIPLINA is doing what needs to be done!

While you check the slideshow below, don't forget to check their youtube channel for recorded DJ sets, after movies and more. Follow them on Facebook as well as Instagram. 

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By Andrej, edited on 05 June 2018