DJ W!LD: "All emotions are here to be also represented in music"

DJ W!LD's rise to prominence was no overnight phenomenon. A French DJ, producer and the founder of W label, Catwash records, and more recently co-founder of DAILYCID MUSIC & SPIT AND DIE imprints, has grown from hero of the Parisian underground to resident at some of the world’s most acclaimed clubs. 

Since his early releases, his productions have graced the likes of Robsoul, Love Letters From Oslo, Adult Only, RAL, Roush, 20/20 vision, Rebellion, and One Records just to name a few. “It’s difficult to say where I fit into electronic music right now, but my roots are definitely hip-hop, jazz, disco, Classical, Acid, Chicago House, Detroit techno and Minimal,” he says. “ But then I discovered so many other kinds of music, that I integrated all those to become what I am and to do this kind of sound.”

He'll soon perform in Slovenia at Innocent Music Festival in Ljubljana, so we decided to invite him for a lovely chat about his career, his passion, imprints and much more.

Hi Guillaume. How's life been treating you lately? What keeps you occupied these days?

Life has been pretty good. I can’t complain. I'm busy with new productions with more than 15 new EPs coming (under my name or other pseudonyms). I'm also taking care of my labels Dailycid and Spit and Die (the first release is coming in June with a remix from Baby Ford ) and also taking care of our Dailycid parties organization summer season in Ibiza for our DAILYCID XXX concept at Cova Santa. I'm also painting a lot - back to one of my first passions and a few more secret projects coming soon. 

You've mentioned (in one of your old interviews) that you have to have a muse in order to produce music. Does that (having a muse) always mean positive emotions or it can sometimes even be negative?

All emotions are here to be also represented in music - creating amazing music but if it ’s too many negative moments then it’s maybe time to change the muse.

Can you tell us a bit about your imprints, The W Label, and DAILYCID? Are these two projects totally independent or is there anything that "glues" them together?

Yes, totally independent. W is mainly my own productions and remixes as my new imprint SPIT AND DIE, while Dailycid is only VAs with different artists.

What are some of your current go-to toys when you hit the studio? Do you always try to add new pieces of gear or does your setup pretty much stays untouched?

TB 303, Boss DR 110, Matrix1000 are some of my favorite toys. I buy new pieces when I find good bits but I like also to be able to produce with light equipment which enables me to put my ideas together at any time.  

You've recently performed at Mixmag's Lab in New York. Would you say that the crowd in Europe is a lot different than in the US? What's your general opinion about the US electronic music scene?

Yes for sure, the crowd in Europe is different. What makes the differences is the general attitude to the party and the musical roots which differs in each country. The US scene was pretty shit for many years after the successful years but now many cities and good parties appear which is great to see. 

You have some nice gigs lined up ahead. Anything particular that you're really looking forward to? You'll be performing in Slovenia for Innocent Music which will be your second gig there after almost 10 years. Do you remember the first time you've played here? 

Yes, a pretty busy summer! It's difficult to name as I’m looking forward to all of them but for sure really excited of my DAILYCID XXX parties in Ibiza this season at Cova Santa. Yes, I remember in 2011, I played in K4 club. A nice and underground party. Cannot wait to be back! 

Do you still remember your early beginnings on your career? Did you envision a similar path that you've taken? 

Yes, I remember, of course! In 1996 and I’ve done a lot of stuff I wish I didn't - but life is full of surprises and you never follow exactly what you planned to do. Otherwise, it would be really boring. But yes with the time you get more mature and everything is more under control. But I still have the same motivation and passion, of course. 

You like to mention sex (passion) and music. Are these two of the most important things in your life? Can you imagine a life without either one of them?

There are many more things important in my life like paintings and sport but for sure Music is really important and I couldn’t live without. And about sex, well I can ’t see music without sex or sex without music. They are partners in crime! 

Let's finish this one with a confession. What's the most French thing about you?

The good parts or the bad ones?! I’ll say my accent to be neutral!

By Saša, edited on 07 June 2019